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Creating Web3 Standards

Pushing the limits

In another exciting collaboration with the incredibly talented team at SantosDilone, we embarked on a project for Apiary — a pioneering startup focused on implementing web3 standards.


Drawing from the sharp and avant-garde design blueprint provided by the SD team, we breathed life into it. Leveraging scroll-based animations, we endeavored to redefine the boundaries of web capabilities.

visity apiary.xyz

Bold Details

This project is brimming with delightful features. A standout is the icon on the top-left corner of the page. It spins in sync with the user’s scrolling speed. As users navigate through sections, the icon seamlessly morphs into various other symbols. Plus, a simple click on this icon unveils the website’s menu system.


Project Notes


  • SantosDilone, Creative/Design
  • Virgilio Santos, Creative Director
  • Manuel Dilone, Creative Director
  • Andrea Adelman, Managing Director
  • Airton Groba, Animation

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