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Capabilities Website

Production Club Website
Production Club Website

Production Club Capabilities Website

When you’ve produced events for the likes of Skrillex, The Chain Smokers, and Electric Jungle — you’ve got to show it off. That’s exactly what Production Club does and what they did by teaming up with DaveVSDave to launch a capabilities website.

The Challenge

When you put on epic live events for the world’s biggest brands and artists — pushing boundries is in your DNA.
Showing off each event meant HUGE full screen videos that automatically play and impress. This presented a technical challenge – how can we deliver full framed video, while simultaneously keeping the page load time lightning fast? Using modern HTML5 video technologies combined with some Javascript and back-end magic, we delivered and the results are second to none.

Check It Out

Project Notes


  • Maximilian Nicklas, Creative

Features and Technology:

  • Advanced Custom
  • WordPress
  • Streaming Video
  • Youtube API

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