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Terawatt Infrastructure Desktop and Mobile Mockup
Terawatt Infrastructure Desktop and Mobile Mockup

TeraWatt Infrastructure

TeraWatt is a pioneer in the EV charging solutions industry, leading the way with their innovative approach to providing charging capabilities for heavy duty fleet transportation. When it came time to showcase their vision to the world, they teamed up with the web development experts at DaveVSDave to completely re-imagine their web presence. The result? A stunning, modern website with top-notch user experience and user interface design. From intuitive navigation to seamless performance on any device, we left no watt unturned in our pursuit of the perfect user experience.

The Challenge

TeraWatt is on a mission to revolutionize the world of electrified fleet refueling, and they knew that their brand and marketing needed to be just as visionary as their product. That’s why they turned to the creative minds at Pigeon Road to help re-imagine their brand and identity. And when it came time to build out their website and bring it to the world, they knew just who to call: the web development wizards at DaveVSDave!


Working closely with Pigeon Road, we fast-tracked the build-out process and launched both a beta and alpha website within just months of project kick-off, meeting all goals along the way. It’s all part of our commitment to helping our clients achieve their vision and make their mark on the world. So if you want to join the electrified fleet refueling revolution with TeraWatt, be sure to check out their new website!

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Project Notes


  • Andrew Maguire, Producer
  • Markus Rutledge, Creative
  • Kittaya Treseangrat, Web Design

Features & Technology:

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Gutenberg Blocks
  • Custom Scroll Functions

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