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Artist Kathy Taslitz

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Kathy Taslitz is a seriously talented artist based in sunny Los Angeles, and she’s known for making some seriously amazing sculptures, furniture, and mixed media works. But Kathy wasn’t content to keep all her awesomeness to herself – she wanted to share her art with the world!

That’s where designer Kittaya Treseangrat and our team of web development magicians came in. Together, we created a website that’s not only easy to use but also super duper pretty to look at. Now, anyone with an internet connection can ogle Kathy’s incredible creations. And the best part? The site works on any device, so you can admire Kathy’s art on your phone, tablet, or even your fridge (just kidding, don’t try that). So go ahead and check out Kathy’s new website. It’s guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes!

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Project Notes


  • Kittaya Treseangrat, Lead Designer
  • Kathy Taslitz, Creative
  • Orli Ben-Dor, Copy Writer
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