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DaveVSDave partnered with Pavelia, the creative vision of director Kenji Green, to build a flexible CMS system that would help further their mission of broadening the artistic limits of commercial media. By working with designer Mint Li, DaveVSDave was able to create a platform that not only looks amazing, but also allows Pavelia to easily update and showcase their work to the world.
And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to show off their creative genius to the world? I mean, it’s not like we’re building a website for a local lawn mowing business or anything. No offense to local lawn mowing businesses, we think you’re all grass-roots heroes.

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video first

The company’s website needed to let their work shine. To achieve this we took a “Video First” approach, where highly compressed MP4 videos are displayed on all pages, often times full screen.


Additionally, we created a logo animation for Pavelia which also serves as the loading screen throughout their website.

Project Notes


  • Mint Lee, Lead Designer
  • Kenji Green, Creative
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