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I specialize in
Motion Graphics
& Web Production

I offer a range of creative services and I am available for freelance projects.
Please take a look at the options below and contact me with any questions.

Motion Graphics

Animation Design & Production

I've been working as a motion graphics designer for the past 7 years, creating full screen advertisements for use on digital signage. I love the process of designing a storyboard and then bringing it to life with programs like After Effects, Edge Animate, and Flash. My love of motion graphics inspires me to spend my free learning new techniques and exploring technology.

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Some Motion Graphic Services:

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Motion Graphics Reel

  Dave creating a storyboard for a motion graphic

Design & Strategy

carefully crafted marketing graphics

Creating excellent animations and websites begins with a solid strategy and a great design. Understanding how to choose an appropriate typeface, color scheme, and how to most effectively communicate an idea is essential to any project. I pride myself on being a problem solver, a skill that I often rely upon, as every project brings it's own unique challenges that require elegant solutions. I have a wealth of experience designing for all things digital, from storyboarding motion graphics to planning a complex website. In addition, I also have experience designing print projects such as posters, invitations, book covers, and more.

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About Dave

I thrive on challenging projects

Being a graphic designer, with the ability to produce websites and animations, enables me to be able to take projects from concept to reality. I take pride in having a wide skill set and knowledge-base that allows me to understand and push technical limitations. I enjoy coming up with creative ways to mix & match technologies resulting in unique creations. As a detail oriented designer, I'm always conscientious of how the end result will come across to the audience. In my free time I enjoy challenging myself with personal projects, ranging from illustrations to animations.

Awards, Achievements & Recognition:

  • Kentucky's GSA Graduate
  • BFA in Graphic Design
  • LGDA Gold Award (x2)
  • Juxtapoz Magazine Feature
  • Cover of Pure Uncut Candy Magazine
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DaveVSDave Problem Solving HQ

Work Station of Dave Averdick

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Website Solutions

perfection, from concept to execution

Whether you need an entire website produced or just a single web-page, I can create a targeted and beautiful solution for your business. I offer two levels of service, full agency design and build, or a simple web production based on the design and structure you provide. I'm a front-end designer, meaning I can design your website on paper and then bring it to life with HTML. I also really enjoy working with developers to produce more complex websites that require back-end databases or complex coding solutions.

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Website Design & Strategy

Your website needs a thoughtful strategy to draw in your ideal visitors and then prompt them into action. That action could be anything from filling out a form, buying a product, or watching a video. No matter what your goal is, it's important that the design is driven by this strategy and that the results are measurable.

Website Production

Great web production is more than what meets the eye. It's an intelligently engineered website that is built with easy to update, light weight code. Like most things in life, website production is all about the details and shortcuts get you no where. Things like responsive layouts, web fonts, keyword consistency, meta tags, and tons more can really make the difference between a website that achieves your goals and one that does not.

Web Production Details: