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Little Hands Of Stone

A Brand Story

Little Hands Of Stone

LHoS.com is a visually stunning website that we built for Little Hands of Stone, a Seattle-based advertising agency. The website utilizes advanced JavaScript techniques to create engaging scroll-based animations, bringing the brand’s story to life.

The user-friendly content management system (CMS) makes it easy for the client to update and maintain the website on their own. A streamlined, intuitive CMS is crucial for keeping the website running smoothly and allowing the client to make quick updates as needed. We were proud to work with Little Hands of Stone to deliver a high-quality website that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

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Project Notes


  • Kittaya Treseangrat, Art Direction
  • Nico Dangla, Agency Coordinator
  • Pam Fujimoto, Art Direction
  • Michael Boychuk, Creative Director
  • Matt McCain, Creative Director

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    Refuse To Blend In

    Data Security & Traffic Management

    Chameleon Coffee Promotion

    When it came time to execute the digital side of The Many’s “Refuse to Blend In” campaign, they knew just who to call: DaveVSDave. We were honored to be chosen as their partner for this exciting event, which took place in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York City.


    During the activation, attendees were invited to claim a free bag of Chameleon Coffee from the website we built for the campaign. And let’s just say, the response was overwhelming – Nestle gave away over 3,000 bags of coffee and hundreds of coupons through our website alone. Talk about a successful campaign! We’re proud to have played a part in helping The Many shake things up and stand out from the competition.

    The Challenge

    When word got out that there was free coffee up for grabs as part of The Many’s “Refuse to Blend In” campaign, our website saw a massive influx of submissions. But no worries, we were prepared for this and had built our servers to withstand even the busiest traffic spikes. In just a few days, we received tens of thousands of submissions.


    But it wasn’t just about handling high volume – we also had to ensure data security. Using end-to-end encryption and AWS’s KMS encryption, we were able to keep everyone’s data safe and secure. And to make sure we didn’t get any duplicate submissions, we required both a unique email address and mailing address for each user. We also utilized Google Re-Captcha and Google Address Autocomplete to standardize data and eliminate any sneaky bots. All in a day’s work for our skilled team at DaveVSDave!

    Data Management

    When it comes to handling consumer data for a big name brand client, you can’t be too careful. That’s why we went above and beyond with our security measures for The Many’s “Refuse to Blend In” campaign. In addition to data encryption, we set up the back end to be a veritable citadel, only allowing a select few whitelisted IPs to enter.


    Once inside, our custom dashboard page made it easy for the product fulfillment partner to find and retrieve the data they needed, including the option to directly download a password-protected CSV. All while keeping everything secure and protected. That’s the kind of reliability and professionalism you can expect from our team at DaveVSDave.

    Project Notes


    • Tori Matthews, Brand Director
    • Kellee Bassaragh, Lead Project Manager
    • Anne Halvorson, Brand Director
    • Catapult, Fulfillment Partner

    Features & Technology:

    • KMS Encryption
    • Google Address Autocomplete
    • Data Security
    • Volume Traffic Management
    Partnerships with DaveVSDave

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      ecommerce & Trading Platform


      We’re proud to showcase Younit, the invite-only ecommerce platform we built for our client. Younit connects boutiques and clothing shops to a wholesale distributor, giving them first access to the latest and greatest in fashion. Our team worked hard to ensure that Younit not only provides value to its users, but is also visually stunning and easy to navigate.

      Want to see for yourself? Apply for an invite and see how Younit can take your retail business to the next level.

      visit younit

      Collections & Products

      Each collection is made up of a number of different products. From the Shop page, users can explore different collections and click into specific collection pages to explore, view and purchase products.


      Private Labeling

      Add a branded label to any product purchased.



      Trade merchandise with other Younit users.


      In-App Messaging

      Customized Account Experience

      Easy Checkout

      Project Notes


      • Elvis Sierra, Art Direction
      • DeNada Creative, UI/UX


      • WooCommerce
      • Advanced Custom Fields
      • WordPress
      • UPS API
      Partnerships with DaveVSDave

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        The Many Website

        CMS Website Development

        The Many Website Insitu

        The Many Website

        After 15 years of wowing clients with their industry-leading strategy and creative skills, The Many knew it was time to upgrade their online presence to match. They needed a new platform to showcase their impressive case studies, showcase their brand, and give visitors a taste of their company culture. And that’s where our team at DaveVSDave came in. We worked closely with The Many to create a website that truly reflects their expertise and personality. So go ahead, take a look and see for yourself how The Many is leading the pack in their field.

        The Challenge

        After a year of major growth, rebranding, and moving into a swanky new office, The Many knew it was time to upgrade their web presence to match their elevated status.


        With their new motto of “We Challenge Comfortable,” they teamed up with our team at DaveVSDave to totally rethink what was possible for an ad agency website. The result? A stunning redesign that truly embodies The Many’s mission to challenge the status quo. So, if you’re feeling comfortable and want to shake things up, we suggest you take a look at The Many’s new website and let it inspire you to do the same.

        Visit TheMany.com
        “Recommendation reader, the TLDR version:
        Dave is fantastic, and you'd be lucky to have him on your team or contribute to your business.”

        — Blake Marquis,
        Co-Creative Founder | The Many

        The Sunset Cam

        To add a fun and unique touch, we included a live stream of the breathtaking view from The Many’s office on the Pacific Coast Highway in beautiful Malibu, California. Imagine being able to virtually experience the soothing sounds of the ocean while you work. Talk about a dream workspace! But don’t just take our word for it, check out the live stream for yourself.

        Watch Live

        Project Notes


        • Blake Marquis, ECD/Partner
        • Nicole King, Lead Project Manager
        • Jorge Andrade, Design Director
        • Patrick Cambria, Lead Web Designer
        • Edgar Zavala, Lead 3D Animator

        Features & Technology:

        • Advanced Custom Fields
        • Scroll Snapping
        • Parallax Custom Design
        • Gutenberg Blocks
        • Video Live Streaming


        As The Many’s business continues to thrive, they decided to bring on some fresh talent and enlisted the help of Greenhouse for their HR needs. To make the process even smoother, they wanted to integrate Greenhouse’s job board into the careers section of their website. That’s where our web development team came in. Using webhooks and API calls, we were able to seamlessly sync Greenhouse’s data with The Many’s website, all while maintaining their unique brand voice. It was a match made in HR heaven! If you want to learn more about this process, check out our blog post on integrating Greenhouse HR with WordPress.

        The Many Careers
        Partnerships with DaveVSDave

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          The Many Website Home Page

          Ad Agency Website

          When Mistress Agency rebranded to The Many at the end of 2018, we worked with them to execute the web design and development portion of their re-brand. We had originally built their website as “Mistress” and worked with the client to quickly transition their marketing website by re-skinning the front-end. In just under two weeks, we were able to relaunch the Mistress website as The Many.



          Advanced Custom Fields


          Blake Marquis, ECD

          John Paul Brantly, Web Design

          davevsdave, Web Design


          visit themany.com

          The Many Website Work Page

          AE Organizer

          After Effects Plugin

          Tidy Comps!

          Tired of the chaos and disorganization that comes with working on motion graphics projects? Say hello to AE Organizer – the tool that makes file organization a breeze. Whether you’re starting from scratch or importing your current setup, this bad boy lets you sort your assets, clean up comps, and standardize project settings all with one simple click.


          Trust us, your team will thank you for making their lives so much easier. And the best part? Give it a spin with our 10-day free trial, and get 10% off when you purchase 10 or more licenses.

          Check it out

          The Product

          A plugin for After Effects created with the Adobe Common Extensibility Platform (CEP) technology.

          The Challenge

          Developing an Adobe plugin using CEP technology can be a complex and challenging task. The technology stack includes ExtendScript, an antique version of JavaScript, which can make the development process difficult. Additionally, there are numerous compatibility issues to consider, as the plugin needs to work seamlessly across different versions of After Effects.


          Aside from the technical challenges, there are also business considerations to take into account. For example, when we decided to market, sell and license the plugin directly, we had to implement encryption, payment gateways via ecommerce, user management, and support. This required a significant amount of additional work and resources, in addition to building marketing materials to promote the plugin. It is a challenging task to take on, but with the right skills and resources, it can be done successfully.

          Marketing Website

          The WooCommerce powered sales website.


          Streamline Your Motion Graphics Workflow

          Discover how AE Organizer transformed motion graphics teams’ file organization and efficiency. Try it now with a free trial at aeorganizer.com

          Check It Out

          Project Notes


          • Kittaya Treseangrat, Logo Design


          • Adobe CEP
          • ExtendScript
          • Node.js
          • Encryption

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            Production Club

            Capabilities Website

            Production Club Website
            Production Club Website

            Production Club Capabilities Website

            When you’ve thrown events for the likes of Skrillex, The Chain Smokers, and Electric Jungle, you definitely want to show it off to the world. That’s exactly what Production Club did when they teamed up with our team at DaveVSDave to launch a capabilities website. With a portfolio like that, it’s no wonder they wanted to showcase their impressive event production skills. And with our help, they were able to do just that in style. Want to see for yourself? Check out Production Club’s capabilities website and get ready to be blown away.

            The Challenge

            When you’re in the business of putting on epic live events for the world’s biggest brands and artists, pushing boundaries is just part of your DNA. So it’s no surprise that Production Club wanted to show off their impressive events in style – with HUGE full-screen videos that automatically play and impress. But as any web developer knows, delivering full-framed video while keeping page load time lightning fast can be a technical challenge. That’s where our team at DaveVSDave came in.

            Using modern HTML5 video technologies and a little bit of Javascript magic, we were able to deliver results that are truly second to none. Check out Production Club’s website and see for yourself.

            Check It Out
            "Working with Dave is super inspiring. His talent for understanding a client's needs and translating that into a web project is remarkable. Throughout the entire process, the communication and support were great and Dave guided us through any challenges we had, always bringing solutions, ideas, and explanations to make sure we were able to make the best decisions. The sites he built for us, the mobile as well as desktop versions are super user-friendly, fast, and flexible."

            —Maximilian Nicklas - Media Director, Production Club

            Project Notes


            • Maximilian Nicklas, Media Director

            Features and Technology:

            • Advanced Custom Fields
            • WordPress
            • Streaming Video
            • Youtube API
            Partnerships with DaveVSDave

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              AT&T Hello Lab

              Procuring Talent & Showcasing Originals

              AT&T Hello Lab Website
              AT&T Hello Lab Website

              Hello Lab

              By creating interactive digital content, producing immersive experiences, and driving cultural conversation, AT&T Hello Lab is all about using the power of communication and entertainment to inspire human progress and lift up underrepresented voices.

              That’s where our team at DaveVSDave comes in. We teamed up with Hello Lab to help further platform these amazing artists by developing a web platform that allows them to showcase their talent and gives new talent the opportunity to join the Hello Lab family. It’s just one way we’re working together to make a difference and support the AT&T brand mission.

              The Challenge

              When it comes to showcasing an impressive portfolio of work, from short films and mini-series to documentaries, AT&T Hello Lab needed a platform that would do their talent justice. That’s where DaveVSDave and designer Kittaya Treseangrat came in.


              Together, we created a stunning web experience that not only showed off Hello Lab’s incredible work, but also provided a way for creators to submit their own work and be considered for support from the brand. The result? A website that garnered hundreds of thousands of daily visitors and led to a number of future projects with AT&T and the Hello Lab team. Trust us, it’s worth a look.

              Project Notes


              • Kittaya Treseangrat, Lead Web Designer
              • Jason Molina, Producer/Strategy
              • Chris Stucker, Backend Development

              Features and Technology:

              • YouTube API
              • Advanced Custom Fields
              • FancyBox V3
              • Slick Slider
              • WordPress API
              "... a true partner in every sense of the word. The website was responsively designed and displayed beautifully on all devices. He developed an easy to use CMS that had us owning the maintenance of our content in no time. Reliable and supportive throughout the process, simply put, DaveVSDave gets it done."

              - Jason Molina, Sr. Director of Strategy

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                Interior Agency Web App

                Automating Project Creation & Data Collection

                The Interior Agency Website

                Interior Agency (IA) was founded with the mission of improving their interior design services through data-driven insights about their clients’ needs. To bring this vision to life, IA turned to DaveVSDave and designer extraordinaire Kittaya Treseangrat to build out their website. The result? A platform that helped IA better serve their clients and achieve their business goals. From gathering more data to streamlining their services, IA’s website was a major success. Want to learn more about how we helped them succeed? Keep reading for all the details.

                The Challenge

                Kim and Leigh had a dream: to offer top-notch interior design solutions at prices even penny-pinchers could love. But how to make it happen? By turning to DaveVSDave, of course! With our help, IA created a website that used technology to automate the design process and make it more efficient.

                We added in features like customer surveys (because who doesn’t love answering questions about their personal style?), automated project creation (no more tedious paperwork!), and unique prompts based on customer answers (finally, a way to figure out what “modern bohemian chic” really means). And the best part? By using all this data, IA was able to assess their customers’ tastes and needs without breaking a sweat. Or at least, without breaking too much of a sweat. Basically, we made it possible for IA to deliver top-notch design services at a price that won’t break the bank. And if that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is.

                Visit the site

                Project Automation

                When Kim and Leigh first approached us with the idea for Interior Agency, we knew it was going to be a game-changer. These interior design masterminds wanted to create a platform that would not only streamline the design process for their clients, but also save them money in the long run. And boy, did we deliver!


                Using a combination of cutting-edge technology and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, we developed a platform that automated the data collection process from the very beginning. No more endless back-and-forth email chains or awkward phone calls – our online project flow and kickoff process made it easy for IA to get all the information they needed to get started.


                But we didn’t stop there. Our custom-built platform allowed IA to streamline their data collection process and gain valuable insights into their clients’ needs and preferences. This, combined with advanced analytics tools, helped IA make more informed decisions and drive higher returns on investment for their clients.

                “DaveVSDave was instrumental in helping my co-founder and I conceptualize, design and bring to life our vision for a completely new web-based interior decor service. The thoughtful service helped us navigate our way through several complex iterations.”

                — Kim Mancini,
                Co-Founder | Interior Agency

                Project Notes


                • Kittaya Treseangrat, UI Design

                Features & Technology:

                • Database Architecture
                • Automation
                • Advanced Custom Fields
                • Gutenberg Blocks
                Partnerships with DaveVSDave

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                  Introducing the ultimate solution for scooter and bike share enthusiasts: RideSeekr. This iOS app, launched by DaveVSDave in 2019, aggregates all the best options onto one handy screen. No matter where you are in the world, RideSeekr has you covered with data on bikes and scooters available in over 30 countries, including every major US city. Plus, it works with all the top providers like Jump, Lime, Bird, Lyft, Spin, and Wheels. With RideSeekr, you’ll never be stranded without a ride again. Happy scootin’!

                  RideSeekr on the App Store

                  Project Notes


                  • Mike Toofer, Co-Founder
                  • Kittaya Treseangrat, Brand Development
                  • Rafael Mardones, API Design & Development

                  Features & Technology:

                  • Swift 5.1
                  • Google Maps SDK
                  • CakePHP
                  • Swifty JSON
                  • AlamoFire

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