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Ways To Increase E-Commerce Conversions

One Click Checkout

Google and Apple both support one-click checkout in their flagship browsers – why not take advantage? We’ve all heard the sage advice of minimizing clicks, how much more minimal could it be?
Our Advice: Determine which products can work with one-step checkout, and add in this option ASAP. You’ll see a 2% bump immediately.

Minimize Checkout Fields

Sure, you’d love to have the user create an account and share all of their contact information so you can market to them in the future – BUT that could be hurting your conversion today. We recommend no more than 5 fields for checking out, every field there-after costs an average user drop-off of 5%.
Our Advice: Make it easy for the user with auto-complete fields, optional account creation and only the absolutely necessary fields required to complete the transaction.

Don’t Bury The Lead

If your CTA or purchase button is below the fold, you’re losing conversions. Sure, it’s great to show off those awesome product shots and sell the potential buyer with fancy copy and 5 star reviews – but some users know what they want, so give it to them.
Our Advice: Include your purchase button above the fold and have it fixed, so that as the user scrolls, it’s always there. When they are ready to buy, there’s no searching for how-to.

Multiple Payment Options

Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin, Square, Coinbase, Doge Coin – who cares, just get paid! (Well, your accountant probably cares TBH.) Let your user pay you with whatever credit card, currency or account they feel comfortable with.
Our Advice: We are bullish on the Crypto market, especially as it intersects with the online shopping market. Setting this up is a breeze and there’s no downside to giving users the option.

Trust Through Good Design

This is the most subjective, but also often the most critical point. A well designed website conveys trust, and as you build a customer base, the better the design, the more trust a user will have, and thus the more likely they will to be to convert new users into transactions.
Our Advice: Hire a team that will think through the wire-frames, give you expert UI design and knows how to deliver a polished and professional e-commerce experience.

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