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Ways To Increase Form Conversions On Your Website

Less > More

Your buddy John in sales is going to want to collect the user’s phone number, social, date of birth, mothers maiden name… etc. Nothing turns away a potential conversion quicker than a form with more than 5 fields.
Our Advice: Collect only the essential information. 5 fields max. For each additional field, you lose an average of 5% of potential conversions.

Don’t Bury The Lead

We often feel the need to add preambles, qualifiers and other types of content, before getting to the point – which is often – a form conversion. Sometimes a user doesn’t need to be sold, or were already sold on a previous visit. Don’t make that user scroll and search for your form, give to them up top.
Our Advice: Include your form above the fold, or at least include a button above the fold that takes the user directly to your form or conversion page.

Context Matters!

Why am I filling out this form? Who does it go to? What’s in it for me?
Great questions Todd. Eliminate these with good copy and a strong CTA giving your form context and substance. Even your “submit” button can add context. If this is a job opportunity, perhaps instead of “Submit” or “Send” it should say “Apply Now”.
Our Advice: Optimize your contact form copy by measuring the results. A/B Test if you have the capability, if not, adjust on regular intervals and compare the results, and see what is working.

Why Should I Trust You?

In the age of unprecedented privacy concerns – it’s no surprise you may lose conversions if they don’t trust you. While there are some ways to about this, the easiest thing to do is simply state that you care about the user’s privacy and include a link to your privacy policy.
Our Advice: A simple statement like “We Value Your Privacy” or “We’ll Never Sell or Share Your Information”, in addition to a link to your privacy policy, can go a long way.

When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

You’ve got 20 pages on your website and one of those has your form on it. Sure, your user could find that page, I’d say, you’ve got a 1 and 20 chance. Or you could simply include a button and cta at the bottom of each page that drives the user to your form – Or even better, include the form itself at the bottom of each page.
Our Advice: With the shift to modular design in web development, attaching your form to each page should be a breeze. There’s no downside to doing this and you could increase your conversions by 20%.

What’s With The Ugly Form, Jack?

While this is the most subjective, it’s arguably the most effective, and also ties into many of the above points, namely – trust. If you want users to trust your business, design plays a critical role. It also can make a form look simple and inviting, instead of daunting.
Our Advice: Hire a UI designer to create a great form layout and design. It will be money well spent if you’re using an ugly out of the box template.

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